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Bosch VP44 Injection Pumps For Dodge Cummins 24v 5.9L ISB Fuel Systems

We are the VP44 Pump Experts

great service - unbeatable prices - quality parts

Our pumps use the most updated VP44 parts and build specifications. Our pumps are calibrated on state-of-the-art Bosch calibration benches to insure that we ship each pump at or above original Bosch spec. The calibration benches are regularly updated with the most current Bosch specifications. Don't be fooled by other companies claiming that you need to pay more for some kind of special calibration that is unique to their pumps. We use the most current OE Bosch calibration available. Our pumps are manufactured in The USA by certified technicians with over 20 years of experience. We stand by every pump that leaves our doors. Our Technical Support staff has received rigorous and ongoing training through recognized leaders in the Diesel industry. They are fully qualified to provide expert on-vehicle support for any of your technical needs before or after the sale. Every employee here at The Diesel Store is committed to providing the best product and the best service for all of your diesel needs. We strive to ensure that our parts and service are second to none.

Shop our Bosch VP44 Selection

VP44 Package Builder

VP44 Package

While installing the Bosch VP44 fuel injection pump on 1998.5-2002 5.9l 24v Dodge Ram Cummins pickups it is highly recommended that you change the feed pump and fuel filter. Failure to do so can lead to non-warrantable damage to the injection pump, and more down time. An early warning sensor can also work as cheap insurance in helping to prevent premature injection pump failure (ACC1081130).

Luckily we have a solution that will not only save you from down time but also a ton of money. We now have a Build Your Own VP44 Package solution for the VP44 fuel injection pumps, where our customers can pick and choose their own parts based on their application and needs.

From stock to extreme you can pick and choose the correct combination while saving big over buying the parts separately. With over 40 different combinations you can customize your fuel system to your needs. As always if you need help deciding feel free to call our toll free number 1.877.375.7867 and one of our trained customer service reps will be more than happy to help.

This item requires that the core be returned

Click here to read our core policy

OE Replacement

reg. price: $994.95
reg. price: $994.95

Extreme Performance

reg. price: $1,689.93

Our Remanufacturing Process

Here at The Diesel Store, our Quality Control Process starts the minute we receive a VP44 fuel injection pump core.

  1. Our incoming department inspects the pump for contamination, seizure or evidence of tampering.
  2. The VP pumps are then cap plugged, washed with a recyclable solvent and then washed a second time in an environmentally friendly hot water solution in accordance with our ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
  3. Each VP44 pump is then disassembled individually to ensure that the parts that came in with the pump go back with the same pump.
  4. After disassembly, the internal parts are cleaned and the external parts are buffed and polished for a like-new appearance.
  5. The disassembled pump is then boxed and moved into our assembly room.
  6. There, our Factory Trained Technicians meticulously inspect each part for even the slightest defect or wear. If there is a question, the part is discarded and replaced with new.
  7. Each pump is then assembled by the same technician that performed the parts inspection. Our ISO9001 Quality Management System of continuous improvement ensures the highest quality pump as well as the most efficient program so that your costs are minimized.
  8. The pump is then installed on the latest OE test equipment and the automated calibration process makes sure that the pump is error free.
  9. The pump is then removed from the test bench and drained of all residual test fluid. Each pump receives protective caps to minimize leakage or contaminate ingress.
  10. The VP44 pumps then receive their finishing kits with all of the necessary gaskets and o-rings for installation.
  11. External screws are then re-torqued and seal painted to prevent tampering.
  12. Each pump is boxed in specially designed packaging to eliminate the danger of damage during shipping.

Video - VP44 on Calibration Bench

Installation Instructions & Information

Adobe PDF

Click here to download a PDF version of these install instructions

VP44 Pump General Information

The fuel injection pump (VP44) is an electronic rotary distributor pump. The pump performs four basic functions:

  1. Producing the high fuel pressure required for injection
  2. Metering the exact amount of fuel for each injection cycle
  3. Distributing the high-pressure, metered fuel to each cylinder at the precise time
  4. Varying the timing relative to engine speed

A cam ring with three plungers, a rotor, and an electronically controlled fueling solenoid valve is used to develop and distribute the high pressure required for injection.

A worn or damaged internal transfer pump, plunger, or fueling valve can affect the pressure and amount of fuel injected, thus reducing the power from the engine. Generally, if the fuel injection pump is injecting fuel from one outlet, it will deliver from all outlets.

VP44 Timing Principles

Timing in the VP44 is controlled by an internal timing piston coupled to a cam ring inside the pump. The timing piston is moved by fuel pressure. The amount of fuel pressure in the timing piston assembly housing is controlled by an internal transfer pump and a pulsating timing solenoid valve.

As pump speed increases, the fuel pressure to the timing piston assembly also increases. Based on the inputs from the fuel pump control module (FPCM), the timing solenoid valve pulses to vary the pressure to move the timing piston, which results in the cam ring moving to the desired position to achieve the commanded timing.

The more pressure created by the internal transfer pump and timing solenoid valve, the more the timing will advance; therefore, timing range capability is increased at higher rpms.

VP44 Pump Initial Check

vp44 install Disconnect the VP44 fuel pump drain line from the T-fitting and plug it.
vp44 install

Disconnect the vacuum gauge plastic tubing from the cylinder head's drain line and connect it to the VP44 fuel pump inlet line.

NOTE: All fuel must be drained from all fuel lines, if observed.

Apply the vacuum test to the fuel system and check the vacuum gauge. The vacuum can not exceed 381 to 508 mm Hg [15 to 20 in Hg].

If the system holds the vacuum (if the reading on the gauge does not reduce, the vacuum should not drop more than 2.54 mm Hg [0.1 in Hg] in a minute), then there is no leak in the fuel system.

NOTE: The vacuum test is completed if the fuel system holds vacuum for at least 5 minutes.

If the system does not hold vacuum (the reading on the gauge does not hold and reduce to 0 mm Hg [0 in Hg], then there is a leak in the fuel system.

vp44 install If the system does not hold a vacuum, check for leaks at the VP44 fuel pump.
vp44 install

Inspect the lines, fittings, washers, and VP44 fuel pump for any damage. Replace and install parts that are damaged.

Contact an Authorized Cummins Repair Facility (The Diesel Store) for replacement and installation of the VP44 fuel pump, if required.

VP44 Pump Removal

vp44 install Disconnect the battery cables, negative (-) cable first.
vp44 install

It is recommended to bar the engine over so that the keyway on the gear is at the 12-o'clock position when removing the fuel pump. This position can be found by taking the oil fill or fuel pump gear access cap off, whichever applies, and aligning the keyway in the fuel pump gear to the top dead center (TDC) position on the front cover. In this position the line on the fuel pump gear will approximately be in the 7-o'clock position.

NOTE: Doing the above will help prevent the fuel pump key from falling into the housing if it is loose

vp44 install

17 mm
Disconnect the fuel return line.

17 mm
Disconnect the fuel pump supply line.

19 mm
Remove the high-pressure lines.
Remove the 9-pin electrical connector from the fuel pump control module (FPCM).

vp44 install 10 mm
Remove the fuel pump support bracket
vp44 install 27 mm
Remove the crankcase breather and gear retaining nut and washer.
vp44 install 75-mm T-Bar
Pull the fuel injection pump drive gear loose from the pump driveshaft.
vp44 install

13 mm

NOTE: Do not drop the drive gear key when removing the pump.

Remove the four mounting nuts, and remove the fuel injection pump.

VP44 Pump Cleaning

vp44 install

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe all of the oil off the back of the gear housing mounting surface and pump housing.

VP44 Pump Installation

vp44 install

It is recommended to bar the engine over so that the keyway on the gear is at the 12-o'clock position when installing the fuel pump. This position can be found by taking the oil fill or fuel pump gear access cap off, whichever applies, and aligning the keyway in the fuel pump gear to the top dead center (TDC) position on the front cover. In this position the line on the fuel pump gear will approximately be in the 7-o'clock position.

NOTE: Doing the above will help prevent the fuel pump key from falling into the gear housing if it is loose.

vp44 install

The keyed gear and shaft allow for the fuel injection pump to be installed in any position, as long as the markings on the front gear train align and a gear has not slipped.

Use an evaporative cleanser (e.g., brake cleaner, isopropyl alcohol) to clean the pump shaft and gear bore.

vp44 install

NOTE: The fuel injection pump shaft has to be rotated to align with the keyway in the gear.

Install the pump. Make sure the key does not fall into the gear housing. Take care not to damage the pump mounting o-ring.

NOTE: When installing the fuel pump, the dowel in the back of the gear housing has to line up with the hole in the pump mounting flange, as well as the keyway in the gear.

NOTE: Barring the engine so the keyway is at the 12-o'clock position will aid in aligning the key into the keyway.

vp44 install

Hand-tighten the four mounting nuts.

vp44 install

24 mm
Install the pump driveshaft nut and spring washer.

Torque Value: 30 n.m [22 ft-lb ]

NOTE: Do not over tighten; this is not the final torque.

vp44 install

15 mm
Tighten the fuel injection pump mounting nuts.

Torque Value: 43 n.m [32 ft-lb ]

vp44 install

Install the injection pump support bracket. Finger-tighten all cap screws before final tightening.

Tighten the brackets in the following sequence:

  1. Bracket-to-fuel pump cap screws
  2. Brace-to-block cap screws
  3. Bracket-to-fuel pump brace cap screws
vp44 install

10 mm
Tighten all cap screws on the support bracket.

Torque Value: 24 n.m [212 ft-lb ]

vp44 install

22 mm
Tighten the pump driveshaft retaining nut.

Torque Value: 170 n.m [125 ft-lb ]

vp44 install

Install the crankcase breather.

vp44 install

17 mm | Install the low-pressure fuel lines.
17 mm | Install the fuel Inlet.
17 mm | Install the fuel return lines.
19 mm | Install the high-pressure line at the fuel pump.
19 mm | Install a high-pressure line at the cylinder head.

Connect the 9-pin connector to the VP44 fuel pump.

vp44 install

Connect the battery cables, negative (-) cable last.

vp44 install

Vent all air from the fuel system, if needed.

Installation Videos

Finding your Engine Serial Number

The Engine Serial number is on the engine data plate, which can be found on the drivers side of the timing gear case (see below picture). The plate shows the CPL (control parts list) number, date of manufacture, timing specs, & the engine serial number. To insure that you receive the correct pump please type the Serial Number of your engine in the comments while placing your order. Before we process the order we will cross-reference your engine serial number to the correct VP44 fuel injection pump.

Finding the Serial Number on Cummins EnginesFinding the Serial Number on Cummins Engines

VP44 Cross Refrence Part Numbers


Bosch # Cummins # Mopar # Remanufactured # Chrysler #
0 470 506 005
0 470 506 011
0 470 506 015
0 470 506 022
0 470 506 027
367 6670 RX
393 7671 RX
394 3760 RX
394 6135 RX
R 501 1041 AB
R 501 1041 AA
R 501 3925 AA
R 501 5721 AA
R 501 9658 AA
R 501 9658 AB
R 501 9658 AC
R 501 9658 AD
0 501 1041 AB
0 501 1041 AA
0 501 3925 AA
0 501 5721 AA
0 501 9658 AA
0 501 9658 AB
0 501 9658 AC
0 501 9658 AD


Bosch # Cummins # Mopar # Remanufactured # Chrysler #
0 470 506 014
0 470 506 021
0 470 506 028
393 7159 RX
393 7670 RX
393 7687 RX
394 6370 RX
R 501 8495 AA
R 501 9657 AA
R 501 9657 AB
R 501 9657 AC
R 501 9657 AD
0 501 8495 AA
0 501 9657 AA
0 501 9657 AB
0 501 9657 AC
0 501 9657 AD


Bosch # Cummins # Mopar # Remanufactured # Chrysler #
0 470 506 003
0 470 506 012
0 470 506 029
367 6671 RX
393 7672 RX
394 3506 RX
394 4983 RX
396 4555 RX
Not Applicable ipvr13x
Not Applicable

Troubleshooting & Disclaimers


Tampering with the VP44 pump's wires can cause premature pump failure. If the wires are cut the pump is no longer warrantable, and any repairs that need to be made to the injection pump will be the buyer's responsibility. In the VP44 pump the fuel is used to cool and lubricate the pump, and the tolerances between the head and the rotor is very fine. Performance chip add-ons affect the cooling rate of the VP44 fuel injection pump. The pump will become hotter due to excessive RPMs from the chips programming. When the throttle is backed off the fuel to the pump is reduced, and the pump's cooling capabilities are greatly reduced. Since the VP44 pump is hotter from the increased RPMs the rotor seizes in the head and the pump fails. An alternative to cutting into the pump's wires is to use a chip that plugs directly into the trucks ECM. This approach will allow for an increase in HP while not excessively heating the fuel pump. A great example of this is the DiabloSport Power Puck, which is specifically designed to run the VP44 in safe RPM range.


The retrieval of codes does not constitute an engine diagnosis. However, there are some codes that usually indicate a defective VP44 injection pump. A current P1688 always means that the pump is bad, there is no further diagnosis required. Code P0216 is probably the most common code for VP44 Pumps. If transfer pump pressure has been checked and is O.K., the injection pump is defective. Other codes that are less common are P0180, P0181, P0215, P0251, P0252, P0253, P0254, P0370, P1287, P1689 and P1690. These codes USUALLY, but not always indicate a defective pump. There are wiring and power checks to be performed if these codes are present. These codes relate to Dodge pickups only, and are not for any other ISB application.


Some customers have reported running issues within the first month of VP44 pump installation. The usual symptoms are excessive blue or white smoke, or a 216 engine code. While these issues would point to a defective pump the usual cause is an incorrectly installed or damaged pump drive key.

The key is the small slightly offset half moon shaped steel piece that is used to set the timing for the injection pump. It is installed in the slot on the pump drive shaft and is indexed to the slot on the drive gear on the engine.

To resolve this issue the pump should be pulled off and a new key installed. A new key will need to be purchased to replace the damaged one. There are several different key numbers and the correct one needs to be installed. Non-warrantable damage to the pump or engine may occur if an incorrect key is installed on a VP pump. To order a new key retrieve the key number and call us so we can ship the correct one. The key number can be found stamped on the key as well as on the pump name plate. The type of number to look for on the key or nameplate is a 3 digit number that starts with a zero, like .045, or .036.

While a damaged key is the most common cause of issues on new VP44 pump installations, there may be other factors as well (such as air leaks or a faulty lift pump). If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting a fuel system problem please feel free to call and speak with one of our qualified technicians.

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